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Ph.D. (Psychology)

I’m your educator and the host of ProAct Psychology Applications website. I have a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Åbo Akademi University, Finland and have had my practical training in counselling psychology studies (Master’s degree, Merit) at Keele University, UK. I also possess a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Psychology from Teesside University, UK, and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the Open University, UK.

Prior to establishing ProAct Psychology Applications, I worked in various settings including Refugee Youth Support (Valomo project) where I offered group and individual counselling for refugees. In addition to this, I was responsible for planning different activities for them and assessing their abilities.

Since then, I have become passionate promoter of translating research in the field of psychology and presenting it in an engaging, understandable way to help people and industry manage their psychological wellbeing and benefit from the science of psychology.

I launched in order to enable more people to benefit from the science of psychology. I provide the best psychological knowledge that promotes the development of your understanding of yourself, others and the world around you, and will assist you apply the science of psychology to address real-world experiences. is a great place for you to confront your undesired feelings.


You are in great hands.


Our Values

By virtue of being a human being, you have inherent value, purpose and meaning. I believe in the rights and dignity of human beings, that all people have meaning and purpose, and that no individual is without value regardless of who you are or where you've been. I use empathy, congruence and unconditional acceptance to help facilitate change within you.


At ProAct Psychology Applications, we put your needs first. We offer a quality, best-caring counseling and educational services to Individuals, Groups and Industry. We do this with competence, ethically and person centred to maximise client understanding and satisfaction of the science of psychology.

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